Liz pledges to help you locate, negotiate for and purchase the Austin home that is right for you.

How is she different?

Often over-looked and extremely essential. Liz’s intuition ensures that your time will not be wasted. She will capture your goals and “must haves” into the perfect list of Austin homes available for you to see.

She has integral knowledge of Austin’s neighborhoods, schools, daycares, traffic commutes, parks and cultural organizations. She wants you to love where you live as much as she does.

Liz’s strong relationships with other agents means she finds homes before they hit the market, giving you the leg-up you need in this competitive real estate market.

She means business. There are many ways to skin a cat, and as a Certified Negotiation Expert with over 25 years of negotiating experience, she has learned quite a few!

There is more to buying a house than getting the perfect kitchen and scenic backyard. Liz will ensure that all the moving parts are taken care of and that the process is smooth by helping you understand your financing options; clarify your appraisal and inspection reports; prioritize the needed repairs; discuss the resale values; and recommend the right person for your repairs, top-notch inspectors and movers, to name a few.

Who knew signing your name could be so fun? Liz prides herself on doing all the work in advance so you can have a stress-free and relaxing closing.

She wants to be a resource to you after the ink has dried. She ensures that all of her clients have a good collection of contractors to call when needed, sends friendly reminders when it’s time to file your homestead exemption and keeps you up to date on Austin’s real estate market. Very often, the home she finds for her clients evolves into the home she sells for them in the future.

Need more proof? Check out why her client’s say she’s the best Realtor in Austin!