“I finally found an avenue for my perfectionism.”

“While it seems to be the trend in real estate to skip steps in order to get a quick close, I enjoy going the extra mile to make sure it is done right.”

“By nature, I tend to look at the big picture, and then work my way through the steps as they come.”

“I am one that is going to tell it like it is. It is usually pretty cut and dry with me.”

“I want to do real estate the way I was taught 23+ years ago–thoroughly, methodically, and ethically.”

“I LOVE real estate. It is never monotonous. No two transactions are the same because no two people are the same. This is where I get really excited! It is fun for me to figure out the personalities involved. I excel in learning the parties motivations then I am able to understand what is REALLY going on in the transaction. Once that is solved, I can then work through it thoroughly, methodically, and ethically.”

“I love the relationships that I have created with fellow Realtors over these years!”